DCEC hosts inaugural Anti-Corruption Pitso

The Botswana Anti- Corruption Agency, the Directorate on Corruption and Economic Crime (DCEC) hosted the first Anti Corruption Pitso (discussion forum), under the theme “Twenty years fighting corruption, - the journey continues”.

The objectives of the pitso were:

  • To discuss corruption in Botswana, hence education and revival
  • To engage and get views from stakeholders under one room
  • To review the current measures in fighting corruption and come up with remedial measures to improve all anti-corruption services
  • To acknowledge and foster working relations with the media in fighting corruption and related offences

In her welcome remarks, the DCEC Director General, Mrs. Rose Nunu Seretse stated “this pitso was inspired by the realisation that even though fighting corruption has been mainstreamed in public bodies, there is still need to talk about corruption matters and come up with positive ideas of escalating the anti-corruption drive. There is need to rope all stakeholders and role players to debate, critique and come up with remedial measures to tackle corruption in Botswana, more especially looking at preventive measures”.

The keynote address was given by the Assistant Minister in the Ministry of Presidential Affairs and Public Affairs Honourable Dikgang P. Makgalemele.  In his remarks, he highlighted the importance of the pitso and said it was important to introspect on the anti-corruption work that began two decades ago with a view to getting feedback on what has been done, to solicit fresh perspectives and ideas, to assess the current anti-corruption measures and as a collective, come up with corrective interventions. In conclusion Honourable Makgalemele said “as we forge ahead, let us all work to the fulfillment of our vision, which is to see a society that is free from corruption. Standing here today ladies and gentlemen, we have the power to align and refocus our country towards progress and to ensure that door of opportunities remain open to all so that the coming generations may not become victims of our own selfish decisions”.

Other speakers at the pitso were Mr. Kgosietsile Ngakaagae of Ngakaagae & Company Law Firm, Professor Mpho Molomo  from  Star Awards Pty (Ltd),  Mr. Leatile Mmutle of Duma FM, Professor Emmanuel Botlhale from the University of Botswana and  Mr. Robert Masitara from Masitara Forensic Practice Botswana.  Topics presented and discussed were the Corruption and Economic Crime Act (its strengths and weaknesses), the level of corruption in Botswana (Perception Vs Reality) and Stakeholder’s Participation in the fight Against Corruption.


The event was well attended by Honourable Members of Parliament, Members of Ntlo ya Dikgosi (House of Chiefs), Heads of Government Ministries and Independent Departments, Chief Executive Officers of Parastatals and other organisations, civil society, and the Media. At the end participants came up with resolutions and adoptions.