In an effort to serve anti-corruption agencies in Commonwealth Africa, there must be a platform where anti-corruption practitioners can seek assistance regarding corruption related queries. There is currently no such platform that can achieve this in Africa. Through the Commonwealth Africa Anti-Corruption Centre Help Desk, the Centre will be able to identify emerging corruption related issues, produce case studies on lessons learnt, and share practical approaches to fighting corruption between anti-corruption agencies.

The anti-corruption held desk aims to achieve the following objectives:

  • Provide a research service for anti-Corruption agencies in Commonwealth Africa
  • Share knowledge on trends of corruption across Africa
  • Share best practices to combat corruption
  • Create a repository of information
  • Establish a pool of anti-corruption experts which the Centre can draw a wealth of knowledge and experience from


The Commonwealth Africa Anti-Corruption Help desk is based in Gaborone, Botswana. Corruption related queries can be sent through the Centre’s website. The Research Coordinator will compile the answers for the queries and send them to an expert to review the answers.

Officers employed in anti-corruption agencies in Commonwealth Africa will be the beneficiaries of the help desk. Through the establishment of the Commonwealth Africa Ant-Corruption Help Desk the Centre will contribute towards the effective and efficient delivery of anti-corruption services across Africa. It is envisaged that through the help desk, the international community will be able to realise the commendable work done by the Center to support ant-corruption agencies.