Training and Development

Since its launch in February 2013, Commonwealth Africa Anti-Corruption Centre (CAACC) closely per sued its objective to build capacity of ACAs in fighting corruption in Commonwealth Africa through different training programmes.

CAACC training programmes are tailor made for the needs of anti-corruption agencies in Commonwealth Africa. The programmes are designed to upgrade practical skills and address different challenges that are specific to the agencies and anti-corruption practitioners in carrying out anti-corruption work.

The trainings are customized for senior managers, middle managers and lower level managers for all divisions (Investigations, Prosecutions, Corruption Prevention, Public or Community Education and Corporate Services) in the anti-corruption agencies.  These types of trainings are developed and delivered in such a way to respond to the needs of each anti-corruption practitioner, with sustainable methods and tools.

These training programmes are developed along the lines of Professional Action Learning Programme where feedback and monitoring are built into training programmes. The programmes are designed to last 12 months with a 3 five-day interventions over the period. Participants over the 12 months period will attend a one week face-to-face course per quarter (i.e. 3 phases).

Participants have to apply skills and knowledge acquired in the 1st phase to projects developed for implementation back home. Progression to the next phase is not guaranteed and depends on the participant’s effort and team level outputs. The selection of participants for the 2nd phase is based on feedback or progress reports participants submitted on assigned project being worked on. Participants are required to complete their projects for presentation during 3rd phase.